free running animation

2012-04-25 16:06:59 by blokeyboboy13

sup. i am now making a parkour/free running animation movie thingy. so far, so good; yet i only have around 200 frames so far at 18 FPS, and i'm looking to make it atleast 2 mins, so it's gonna take a while.

it's gonna be a simple, urban design backdrop, mostly using grey colours, but then characters are bright colours, so they stand out. it looks prett sweet so far. my mates are giving advice and help, so it's shouldn't take too long considering i'm making a bit everyday.

cool story bro,

facebook page!

2011-09-08 12:59:01 by blokeyboboy13

hey there reader. im working on quite a few things for NG at the mo, but you can get updates and news through facebook on my new page! im also still looking out for suggestions and ideas or even if you wanna help me out :D click here plz -----> <a> fe-Productions/289615644388707?sk=wall <a>

ok so im working on many solo-projects cause none of my friends are good enough at flash to help me :D but i'll give you a list in order of top being closest to completion and bottom being furthest

kingdom ruler (in production for over 6 months)
smiley mission part 2 (in semi-production for 7 months)
windows internet explorer spoof (on and off production)
lee's crazy awesome flash tutorials (in production for 1 month)
smiley weapons 2 (in production for 4 months)
the sword of heroes (in production for a month)
Fallout 3 flash (recently started production)

i realise i have alot to complete, but im looking to try and realease most of them within 2011

hope your looking forward to them as much as me :D
thanks ;D

Future plans

2011-03-20 15:00:46 by blokeyboboy13

ok, so my last post was about my kingdom ruler game. well i can say that it's coming along nicely, but im running out of idea's. mostly for what building and structures you could create.
in other news, i've started on smiley weapons 2 and have almost finished the deathmatch mode. it will have a full co-op mode with enemy ai (YAY) inwhich you fight off waves of enemies and a singleplayer story mode with single survival on the side. im looking to have it done by at latest june/july.
just thought i'd update for those who care :D

how 'bout this?

2010-10-23 10:32:38 by blokeyboboy13

hi guys. i've currently been working on a game called Kingdom Ruler. this game will require you upgrade your kingdom and get lots of residents. i have most of the codes ready, i just need some ideas for what you think would be a good thing i should put in it. some of my friends said to make you able to get a army and battle other kingdoms for land. they also suggested a map inwhich you choose your starting location and you have a quest to rule the entire country. so yeah just post your ideas below and i'll reply. thanks


2010-07-26 19:31:10 by blokeyboboy13

has anyone got any ideas for a game that the would actually enjoy. as im getting crap reviews and stuff and it's annoying. i want to make somethin good but i don't know what...


2010-06-16 06:01:32 by blokeyboboy13

just wondering if anybody can do good american voices as im making a little animation thanks


2010-05-31 14:35:11 by blokeyboboy13

hi guys, im looking for some good art for one of my new projects, so just PM me and i'll give you a job and put some share towards you if i use your art. thanks